DCMA 14 Point Check – Finish Start Relationship

LinkedIn_PCS_Group_1This is an extension to our previous article regarding the DCMA 14 Point Check. The following method was used for Primavera P6 version 6.1, there was no other schedule analytical tool available so we developed a work around approach.

First open the project that is to be checked then we need to create a new report through the Report Wizard.


As it is the relationships we are interested in here, select Activity Relationships in the Subject Area.

We do not require any additional subject areas so click next.


Click on Columns so we can select the appropriate data we wish to include in the report. In this case we are interested in the Relationship Type. Only include this in the Selected options column.


Name the Report.

“As we want the report in Excel select ASCII and ensure that the Text Qualifier is set to “.


The report will run.


Delete the top two rows.

Add a 1 next to each identified Relationship Type.


Now insert a pivot table to summarise the data into the relevant Relationship Types.

Now divide each total for each Relationship Type by the total for all Relationship Types. In this example that will be 1693/1869.


In this example the FS relationships make up over 90% of the total Relationship types on the project. The DCMA criteria states that FS relationships should be no less than 90% – therefor this project meets this criteria.

There are a further 13 checks prescribed by the DCMA which along with the Finish Start Relationships Check that will be detailed out in further supporting documentation and video tutorials at http://www.myxacom.com where knowledge is no weight to carry.

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